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Epic music for Film, Sound Design and more...

Composer, sound designer, musician, producer, remix artist, studio pianist the list goes on. Terry Duennes wears many musical hats. Each has its own place in his heart and he is equally passionate about every one. He vows to create a sonic template that lures your ears, heart and soul and keeps you connected and wanting more.


HorrorHound Magazine

"Filling your bloody appetite for all things horror."

Through fashion, lifestyle info, community and more, FinalGirl proves that horror can be just as profound, multifaceted and relevant to contemporary culture as drama, or any other more broadly accepted subject. Open up & join us!!
Company Overview
FinalGirl will be the sister company to HorrorHound, created to capture the thrill of HORROR through film, fashion, online conversation & community, literature, music, collectables, DIY - & any other outlet you can imagine.
FinalGirl fans share a general love of horror culture & an allure to all things dark, taboo and/or repulsively inviting. Embracing our natural curiosity for Horror inspires intriguing contributions to film, fashion, fiction, design & all other forms of art into creation.